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Our History

A Common Question

What is The Federated Church?

A Federated Church, by definition, is a local church uniting two

or more congregations that maintain denominational identity

and support. 

The First Christian Church of Weatherford, Oklahoma Territory,

set its roots in 1898, standing out as a symbol of faith in a town

already "wild and wooly" with fourteen saloons. A modest

chapel served as the gathering point for early worshippers,

embodying the community's devotion.

Following suit, the Congregational Church of Weatherford took shape in 1899 after spirited meetings. In 1918, a transformative discussion arose, sparking the fusion of the First Christian Church and the Congregational Church. Both congregations solidified their partnership through ratified articles of federation on September 29, 1918. Together, they commenced joint Church School and Worship in October of the same year.

The denominational ties persisted, leading to the formation of the

Federated Church in collaboration with the Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ in 1952. A

pivotal move towards inclusivity, the Federated Church of

Weatherford broke through denominational barriers, serving as a

prototype for unified congregations in Western Oklahoma.

On May 7, 1972, the Trinity Presbyterian Church of Weatherford

joined this journey, strengthening the community's unified spirit.

Continuing in this spirit, the church aligned with the United

Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, now

known as the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

Today, the Federated Church of Weatherford remains a testament to the enduring strength of a unified congregation, dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of the evolving Weatherford community.

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